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DO shop locally. A local shop is able to offer all the added benefits like steaming, alteration assistance and accessorizing. Some local shops also support your schools in many ways such as Dry Grad donations, fashion shows and incentives.

DO shop early! Get your grad gown while the selection is best. Evening appointments possible, call us for details.

DO keep an open mind while you shop. Try on different styles to find the one that most compliments your figure. Often the dress you thought you'd never like is the one that makes you look and feel like a princess.

DO use our knowledge! Our experienced grad consultants can advise you best on style, quality and fit. We also keep up on the latest grad trends.

DO expect minor alterations. Always get measured by a professional consultant or seamstress.

DO be cautious of ordering on line. You have no guarantee of getting what you want when ordering sight unseen. Quality can be poor and shipping costly.

DO consider undergarments when shopping for a grad dress. For your comfort and optimum fitting; a full panty and strapless bra are suggested.

DO accessorize and glamorize to complete your look- youíll feel like a star.

DONT travel to find exclusive styles. We have access to many of the same designers as other stores throughout North America. So you donít need to go far to find that perfect gown. Shopping locally saves you time and money.

DONT stress over the delivery time. At Ten Fashions we track your order diligently; we will call you soon as your gown arrives.

DONT forget to shop at a store that keeps track of grad gowns sold to your school. At Ten Fashions we make sure to record every gown sold to every school. Feel free to ask your consultant for details.

DONT bring too many friends, it can be overwhelming and confusing. One or two BFs will make it easier to concentrate on picking that perfect gown.


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