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You do not need to make an appointment for Bridesmaid or Grad shopping. Just come on in any time that suits you.

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How To Get Ready For Your Bridal Appointments

Ten Fashions Bridal Boutique is a full service boutique. Our consultants are here to offer you the best possible bridal experience. Here are a few suggestions that will help to make your bridal fitting great.

If you could please...wear full bottom Underwear, a Strapless Bra, and Socks, as shoes are removed. Also, if possible bring a Hair clip or Elastic(don't worry if you forget—we have one in a pinch.)

And in order to help us maintain the quality of our gowns:

We kindly ask all ladies to refrain from:
...Face/body Make up, Lotions or Bronzers, Perfumes and Lip Stick

We also suggest you limit your bridal party to four attendants or less as our bridal rooms are intimate and fit these numbers comfortably.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. We look forward to serving you!